Fighting Hate with…. Hate?

by Philip Jonkers

“Excuse me…..To all you f*cks out there who think you are better than another ethnic group just by virture of your birth….UNFRIEND ME….to all you supporters of the murdering regime of USRAEL….UNFRIEND ME…..We are all part of the same human family…like it or not…so get over your f*cking selves….stop feeding into the divison and the hate…..”

While I agree with your grievance, you basically spur people to hate the haters and that makes you a hater too.

It’s like saying I hate the people who hate, which is a convoluted declaration of self-hate. 😉

The problem you are addressing is at its very core not so much the haters, rather it is hate itself. Indeed hatred is what brings us to the very heart of the problem humanity suffers under.

One seemingly plausible way to go about solving the problem of hate is to simply persecute the haters. But really what does this bring? Here’s what will happen. By hating the haters, guess what? The haters begin to hate you back, this is only natural right? Consequently you will hate them even more because now you’ve become a target for hate too. Then they will hate you even more for being hated extra… baddabim baddaboom. What you have here is a mutually reinforcing feedback cycle of… hatred.

It’s like bringing a blowtorch to a fire in the deluded hope of succeeding to extinguish the fire. It dunt really work tha way, now duz it?…

So, obviously hating the haters does not lead to a resolution of hatred. What then does dissolve hatred?

It’s simple to articulate but exceedingly difficult, and indeed unnatural, to live by: LOVE.

Only love can wash away hatred, nothing else can. Does that mean one should try and love the hateful things that are being perpetrated? No, not at all. What it means is that one should try real hard to love the hater, not for what he does as a a hater but for being a fellow human being. A fellow human being who’s in distress mind you. Love for one’s fellow human being leads one to the willingness to try to understand he or she and what drives them to hate. You see, hatred has a reason, a cause. One does not hate simply for the heck of it because the hater exposes himself also. Hatred makes a person vulnerable for retaliation, so there’s a price the hater must be willing to pay for hating.

Hatred is a reaction to being hurt and then hatred develops from that sustained damage in an effort of the EGO to not be hurt again. All this is fostered by fear, fear of being hurt again. You see, while fear is the passive response and makes you want curl up in corner and shiver, hatred on the other hand, is the active response to being hurt with the aim of possibly and ultimately destroying the cause of pain. It is all grounded in being hurt and fear of being hurt again.

If one has love (sympathy) for the hater, one is in a position to try to understand what went wrong and so be able to remedy the reason for the manifestation of hatred.

Love is the answer baby!