Meet Mr. Ego and Mr. Spirit

by Philip Jonkers

Mr. Ego Mr. Spirit
Mr. Ego is rash. Mr. Spirit is rational.
Mr. Ego works on his self-image. Mr. Spirit works on his self-awareness.
Mr. Ego suffers from myopia. Mr. Spirit enjoys a bird’s eye view.
Mr. Ego is ruthless. Mr. Spirit is compassionate.
Mr. Ego is never content. Mr. Spirit is ever content.
Mr. Ego is jealous. Mr. Spirit has no reason or inclination to be so.
Mr. Ego is blinded by bigotry. Mr. Spirit is guided by tolerance.
Mr. Ego holds in contempt. Mr. Spirit holds in esteem.
Mr. Ego is drunken with pride. Mr. Spirit is sober with humility.
Mr. Ego is clouded by vanity. Mr. Spirit is uplifted by modesty.
Mr. Ego is ignorant but covers it with pride. Mr. Spirit knows but admits he knows not all.
Mr. Ego is loud and in-your-face. Mr. Spirit is gentle and composed.
Mr. Ego likes to brag about himself. Mr. Spirit likes to give compliments to others.
Mr. Ego quickly takes things personal. Mr. Spirit has no inclination to do so.
Mr. Ego tries to figure out how to exploit other people. Mr. Spirit likes to work for the benefit of other people.
Mr. Ego likes to bring on a ruckus. Mr. Spirit likes to restore harmony.
Mr. Ego likes to take revenge. Mr. Spirit prefers to turn the other cheek.
Mr. Ego favors competition over cooperation. Mr. Spirit favors cooperation over competition.
Mr. Ego feels worse when other people feel good. Mr. Spirit feels worse when other people feel bad.
Mr. Ego feels better when other people feel bad. Mr. Spirit feels better when other people feel good.
Mr. Ego believes in out-of-control control. Mr. Spirit believes in grace and free-will.
Mr. Ego pretends. Mr. Spirit is sincere.
Mr. Ego really hides his true feelings. Mr. Spirit is true to his real feelings.
Mr. Ego wants to impress. Mr. Spirit prefers to express.
Mr. Ego is narcissistic. Mr. Spirit loves himself but not at the expense of others.
Mr. Ego likes to depreciate people. Mr. Spirit prefers to appreciate people.
Mr. Ego thinks he will exalt by depreciating other people. Mr. Spirit exalts by appreciating other people.
Mr. Ego tends to see his fellow human beings as threats or liabilities. Mr. Spirit regards them as brothers and sisters.
Mr. Ego frowns on other people. Mr. Spirit smiles to other people.
Mr. Ego holds on to grudges. Mr. Spirit has a forgiving heart.
Mr. Ego thinks in terms of conflict. Mr. Spirit prefers peace thank you very much.
Mr. Ego sows division. Mr. Spirit seeks a common ground.
Mr. Ego naturally distrusts fellow human beings. Mr. Spirit graciously extends his trust to fellow human beings.
Mr. Ego wants to do it to others before they do it to him. Mr. Spirit prefers to do to others as he would have them do to him.
Mr. Ego sees women as instruments for sexual gratification. Mr. Spirit sees women as fellow human beings.
Mr. Ego asks what it can do for him. Mr. Spirit asks what it can do for others.
Mr. Ego is greedy and likes to keep it all. Mr. Spirit gives freely and shares.
Mr. Ego never repents and seeks to rationalize his guilty conscience. Mr. Spirit always asks for forgiveness.
Mr. Ego is blinded by hate. Mr. Spirit is guided by love.
Mr. Ego is sleepwalking, lost in a trance. Mr. Spirit is wide awake and receptive!
Mr. Ego is self-deluded. Mr. Spirit is living in truth.
Mr. Ego hates you with a passion. Mr. Spirit loves you with all his heart.
Mr. Ego fears truth. Mr. Spirit loves truth.
Mr. Ego lies to hide the truth. Mr. Spirit speaks and glorifies the truth.
Mr. Ego says he doesn’t need to know. Mr. Spirit has a curious nature.
Mr. Ego refuses to want to understand other people. Mr. Spirit seeks to understand people, indeed all people if possible.
Mr. Ego hides his grief or channels it into rage. Mr. Spirit tries to ease his grief with love.
Mr. Ego ultimately is rooted in fear and insecurity. Mr. Spirit is secured in ultimate love.
Mr. Ego descends into darkness and ignorance. Mr. Spirit ascends into Light and Awareness.

Note that above characters are archetypal depictions of human beings. I don’t think that there are actually living people around who are purely Mr. Ego’s or Mr. Spirit’s. We all have our strong points and flaws and I think the only person who was a true Mr. Spirit was Jesus Christ and perhaps Buddha too. I think it’s important in life to try to use your consciousness to learn how to most closely resemble Mr. Spirit. Who would want to be a Mr. Ego anyway? LOL