Psychiatry Going Psychopathic

by Philip Jonkers

Drugging Children for Profit, Psychiatry, Foster Care, Big Pharma

“to do no harm” (epi dhlhsei de kai adikihi eirxein)
Hippocratic Oath, a rule physicians are, by tradition, expected to live by.

The video raises the existence of a disturbing trend in the psychiatric industry. Over the years this industry has shifted its interests from trying to restore mental health towards making profit. Today psychiatry seems to be more interested in making profits as they medicate children, rather than to actually significantly help and ultimately cure them of their mental ailments. In essence, care for the patient has been substituted by care for profit. Ergo, crudely stated, the more meds are being fed to patients the better. The preference for corporate profit over the help of the patient constitutes a major conflict of interest and one that, if justice were served, should be fatal for the definition of the industry as it has become.

In addition, the number of different medications any one particular patient is taking tends to increase with time due to the perceived desire to offset side-effects through the additional use of others types of psychotropic drugs. And then these additional drugs bring side-effects of their own. So you see once the patient gets medicated and with the current approach of the ethically disqualified psychiatric industry, the patient is thrown into in an ever more demanding vicious toxic spiral. The body of the patient has to work harder and harder to keep itself clean and functioning properly due to the increasing toxic load of the taken meds.

The progressive lack of care for the patient heads towards a kind of mentality that is ironically rather well-known in psychiatric circles: psychopathy. Due to its shift of interest from the patient to the wallet, the psychiatric industry has become psychopathic itself, the very mental condition that it also seeks to treat, paradoxically.

So basically your children are being treated by psychopaths, people who have no primary interest in the well-being of your children.

So in a real way the gruesome situation is that the perceived mentally sick are being treated by the practically mentally sick.

It is obvious that this is an untenable unethical situation.

Keep your children drug free!