We Are Not to Take The Lord’s Name in Vain…. Why?

by Philip Jonkers

This blog is dedicated to the people who swear. Every time you swear you do that for a reason. You swear because something bad has happened to you and out of frustration you affirm this by swearing; you take it out on God. Unfortunately what tends to happen is that, by the act of swearing, you associate God with the bad or frustrating things that happen in your life. You even go so far as to blame God for those bad things while actually it likely was you who caused them in the first place. God has no causal role for the things you do out of your own volition (free will). He’s your eternal witness yes but he allows you to choose your own actions.

Through this association between God and the unpleasant things that happen in your life you begin to build up an aversive perception of God because at each time God is mentioned, or otherwise surfaces in your life, you automatically are reminded of the mental state that belongs to the experiencing of those regretful life events that you decided to swear over. Needless to say these reminders are not pleasant and so in order to safe yourself from those painful reminders you turn yourself away from God altogether.

So swearing leads to a rift between you and God, not because God wants this but through your own choice because of your swearing practices. God will never forsake you no matter what but you though work to forsake him. It is just that you are probably not yet conscious of the consequences of your action.

An additional psychological effect is that the swearer builds up a guilty conscience towards God for misapplying his name and thus dragging it through the mud. Swearing is effective mockery of God and is therefore de facto satanic. This widens the gap between God and the swearer even further as perceived though from the perspective of the swearer. From where he’s at, God will always remain as close to you as he’s always been.

By having you granted you free will, God considers it to be your own responsibility to close the gap from your end by ceasing to swear and by sincerely seeking forgiveness from him for past transgressions of the 3rd commandment.