Quick n Dirty Psychoanalysis of the Strong Atheist

by Philip Jonkers

There are two basic flavors of atheists:
1. The weak or negative atheist does not believe that God/gods exists;
2. The strong or positive atheist believes that God does not exist.

The mentality of the strong atheist seems to be like so: I don’t understand how God could possibly exist given the rampant proliferation of evil in the world, i.e. all the carnage, destruction, suffering, misery and all the rest of it. Surely a benevolent God would never allow evil to proliferate, at least not to the extent it does on our planet. Plus he has never showed his face and no physical evidence of such an event exists anyway… and therefore he cannot exist.

But unfortunately for the strong atheist, the conclusion does not follow from the premises. After all, it may just be that, as a member of the human species, the strong atheist’s fallible intelligence falls short of understanding the mind and motives of a superior divine creator being. But oh no, to even entertain as much is anathema, sheer heresy (!) and therefore totally out of the question. It is something his opinionated and prideful ego cannot bear.

And in spite of the sure existence of countless historical libraries documenting in great detail the events at which the human intellect proved to be either inaccurate, via erroneous all the way up to flat-out wrong, the strong atheist simply cannot be bothered. He closes his eyes, covers his ears and starts yelling as if all of that is not real. It’s either that or he rationalizes it away by telling himself that our forebears didn’t have the comfort of scientific intelligibility and that although science may not have all the answers today, he nonetheless has all the faith (!) in the world that it will, tomorrow. And so the strong atheist goes ahead and dispels all that annoying criticism, all the static, and with unabated confidence continues to cling on to his atheistic convictions, religiously!